Global Filter – Pleated Membrane Cartridges – GFHNY – Series Food and Beverage Grade Nylon and Plus + Nylon

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GFHNY – Series High Purity Food and Beverage Grade Nylon and Plus + Nylon Filter Cartridges featuring nylon 6,6 membrane have a well-proven record of delivering superior microbial retention in the production of highly stable consumables. The optional positive zeta potential surface charge (Plus+) enhances retention performance for particulate well smaller than the stated micron rating, for applications
that may include removal of haze, color bodies, and endotoxins. Cartridges are manufactured in a clean room environment and are flushed with 18 megaohm ultra-high purity water to achieve cleanliness and low extractables. Designed to tolerate repeated hot water
sanitization and in situ steam sterilization cycles for maximum service life. Each element is diffusion tested for integrity to assure optimal performance

Typical Applications
• Bottled Water
• Wine
• Soft Drinks
• Pharmaceutical
• Fermentation
• Endotoxin Removal


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Manufacturer Global Filter
Series Nylon 6,6 Membrane Filter Media
Model Number GFHNY - Series Food and Beverage Grade Nylon and Plus + Nylon
Part Number GFHNY-0.03-10-2-B-CS Sample
Description Ordering Information
GFHNY Rating (µ) = 0.03, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8, 1.2
Length = 10", 20", 30", 40"
End Cap Style = 2= DOE Flat Gasket, 3=222 w/ Fin, 4=222 w/ Flat Cap, 6= 226 w/ Flat Cap, 7= 226 w/ Fin, 16= 213 Internal O-Ring, 28= 222 3tab w/Fin
O-Rings/Gaskets = B=Buna, E=EPDM, S=Silicone, T=Teflon Encap Viton, V=Viton, Z=Teflon Encap Silicone
Adders= CS= 316SS Compression Spring, I=Stainless Steel Insert

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