Global Filter – Pleated Membrane Cartridges – GDPES – Series DuoGrade Serial Layer Polyethersulfone

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GDPES-Series DuoGrade Serial Layer Polyethersulfone Filter Cartridges deliver extended life and excellent retention. Featuring a Microglass
prefiltration layer, this serial construction makes the GDPES an ideal choice for clarification of particulate-heavy solutions in a variety of food/beverage, pharmaceutical, biological, and chemical applications. With excellent flowrates, low pressure drops, and superior throughput volumes, GDPES cartridges can be used as final filters or to protect downstream sterilizing grade cartridges. Each cartridge is flushed with 18 megaohm High Purity deionized water and is integrity tested to ensure the delivery of clean effluent with low extractables.
Designed to tolerate repeated hot water sanitization and in-situ steam sterilization cycles for maximum service life.

Typical Applications
• Wine, Beer, & Spirits
• Bottled Water, Juices, Soft Drinks
• Cell Culture Media
• Large Volume Parenterals
• Bulk Pharmaceutical Solutions


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