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C258DQ(Na or H) resin is a high-capacity, Macroporous weak acid cation exchange resin with carboxylic functional groups and acrylic divinylbenzene structure. The product is supplied moist, tough and uniform spherical beads. Designed for use in water softening, dealkalization, and high-purity water applications.


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Manufacturer General Technologies, SPC
Series Cation Resin - Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin
Model Number C258DQ(Na or H)
Part Number C258DQ(Na or H)
Description Type: Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin
Polymer Structure: Polyacrylic acid cross linked with Divinylbenzene, macroporous
Physical Form and Appearance: Tough spherical beads
Whole Bead Count: 95% Min
Functional Groups: R-COOH
Ionic Form (as shipped): H+/Na+
Shipping Weight, approx: H Form: 720 g/l (45 lb/ft3) Na Form: 760 (57 lb/ft3)
Mesh Size (mm): 16-50
Moisture retention: H+ form: 45-55%
Na+ form: 53–61%
Swelling: H+—>Mg2+ or Ca2+: Approx. 30%
H+—>Na+: Approx. 65%
Total Capacity in sodium form: 4.0 meq/ml
pH Range, Stability: 0–14

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