DuPont Dow Resin – AmberTec MR-300 UPW H/OH Ion Exchange Resin

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Separable, Uniform Particle Size, Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin for Demineralization Applications and Final Polishing for the Semiconductor Industry.

AmberTec MR-300 UPW H/OH Ion Exchange Resin is an ultrapure water-grade, mixed resin recommended as a working or polishing mixed bed to complement 2-bed ion exchange or reverse osmosis systems. It can be used as a regenerable mixed bed since the color difference and particle size difference will allow a visually good separation to achieve optimal regeneration. Very low ionic load to a regenerable mixed bed
can occasionally lead to clumping, especially when the mixed bed is operated to a boron or silica break. An improvement in the manufacturing process of the anion component will eliminate cation/anion clumping under normal regeneration conditions.
The ratio of anion to cation in AmberTec MR-300 UPW H/OH is volumetrically optimized to achieve maximum removal of boron and silica.
Semiconductor-grade is characterized by the high conversion to ionic sites (≥ 95.0%).


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Manufacturer DuPont - Dow
Series AmberTec Ion Exchange Resin
Model Number MR-300 UPW H/OH
Part Number MR-300 UPW H/OH
Description Typical Properties:
Physical Properties:
Copolymer - Styrene-divinylbenzene (Both Cation and Anion Resin)
Matrix - Gel (Both Cation and Anion Resin)
Type - Strong Acid Cation / Strong Acid Anion, Type I
Functional Group - Sulfonic acid (Cation Resin) / Trimethylammonium (Anion Resin)
Physical Form - Dark amber, translucent, spherical beads (Cation Resin) White to yellow, translucent, spherical beads (Anion Resin)
Chemical Properties:
Ionic Form as Shipped - H+ (Cation Resin) / OH-(Anion Resin)
Total Exchange Capacity - ≥ 1.9 eg/L(Cation Resin) / ≥ 1.1 eg/L (Anion Resin)
Water Retention Capacity: 46-51%(Cation Resin) / 55-65% (Anion Resin)
Particle Size:
Particle Diameter - 650 ± 50 µm(Cation Resin) / 590 ± 50 µm(Anion Resin)
Uniformity Coefficient - ≤ 1.1 (Cation and Anion Resin)
Metals, dry basis:
Na ≤ 25 mg/kg ≤ 25 mg/kg
Fe ≤ 25 mg/kg ≤ 25 mg/kg
Cu ≤ 15 mg/kg ≤ 15 mg/kg
Al ≤ 15 mg/kg ≤ 15 mg/kg
Whole Uncracked Beads ≥ 95% (Cation and Anion Resin)
Average ≥ 500 g/bead (Cation Resin) ≥ 350 g/bead (Anion Resin)
Shipping Weight - 689 g/L (AmberTec MR-300 UPW H/OH)

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