DuPont Dow Resin – AmberLite FPX68 Polymeric Adsorbent

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Food-grade, Macroporous, Adsorbent Resin

AmberLite FPX68 Polymeric Adsorbent is a macroporous, non-functionalized, adsorbent resin designed for food and biopharmaceutical processing where local regulations allow for such use.
In food processing, AmberLite FPX68 can be used for a wide variety of applications to purify and decolorize food-additive streams and to recover high-value materials, include proteins.
In biopharmaceutical processing, AmberLite FPX68 is an excellent choice for separation and purification of small molecular weight compounds such as antibiotics, vitamins, steroids, amino acids, enzymes, and peptides.
AmberLite FPX68 has high mechanical and thermal stability, making it an ideal choice for use in column or batch systems over a large number of process cycles.


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Manufacturer DuPont - Dow
Series AmberLite Polymeric Adsorbent
Model Number FPX68
Part Number FPX68
Description Physical Properties:
Copolymer - Crosslinked aromatic polymer
Matrix - Macroporous
Type - Adsorbent
Functional Group - None
Physical Form - White, opaque, spherical beads
Nitrogen BET:
Surface Area: ~450 m2/g
Total Pore Volume: ~1.4 cc/g
Chemical Properties:
Ionic Form as Shipped - Not applicable
Total Exchange Capacity - Not applicable
Water Retention Capacity - 61 – 67%
DVB Content - ≤ 50 ppb
Particle Size:
Particle Diameter - 350-600 μm
< 250 μm ≤ 5.0%
> 850 μm ≤ 10.0%
Particle Density - 1.015-1.025 g/mL
Shipping Weight - 690 g/L

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