DuPont Dow Resin – AmberLite FPA66 Ion Exchange Resin

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Macroporous, Weak Base Anion Resin for Sweetener Applications

AmberLite™ FPA66 Ion Exchange Resin is a macroporous, weak base anion resin for use in deashing sweeteners to produce low-conductivity syrups or deashing/demineralizing fruit juices, other beverages, and food additives. The macroporous matrix provides excellent mechanical strength and high operating capacity.


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Manufacturer DuPont - Dow
Series AmberLite Ion Exchange Resin
Model Number FPA66
Part Number FPA66
Description Physical Properties:
Copolymer - Styrene-divinylbenzene
Matrix - Macroporous
Type - Weak base anion
Functional Group - Tertiary amine
Physical Form - White to yellow, opaque, spherical beads
Chemical Properties:
Ionic Form as Shipped - Free base (FB)
Total Exchange Capacity - ≥ 1.6 eq/L
Weak Base Capacity - ≥ 1.35 eq/L
Water Retention Capacity - 40-46%
Particle Size:
Particle Diameter - 300-1200 μm
< 350 μm ≤ 8%
> 1000 μm ≤ 5%
Whole Beads ≥ 90%
Swelling - FB → HCl : 20%
Particle Density - 1.04 g/mL
Shipping Weight - 640 g/L

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