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Food-grade, Macroporous, Weak Base Anion Exchange Resin

AmberLite FPA51 Ion Exchange Resin is a macroporous, weakly basic, anion exchange resin containing tertiary amine functionality on a crosslinked polystyrene matrix. It has been specifically designed for the purifying liquid food streams including starch-based sweeteners and can also be used in bioprocessing applications.
Nutrition Applications
AmberLite FPA51 Ion Exchange Resin has been sized to be used both in the fixed bed system commonly used in the corn sweetener industry as well as moving bed systems and polishing mixed bed. It is suitable for the deashing, deacidification, and decolorization of glucose, fructose and related starch-based sweeteners and derivatives as well as gelatin and other food process streams such as fruit juices.
Its high level of porosity gives AmberLite FPA51 an excellent combination of physical stability and high operating efficiency resulting in long process cycle times compared to products having a higher static volume capacity. This porous network also provides a more complete adsorption and desorption of large organic molecules resulting in excellent color removal compared to other weak base anion exchange resins.
Bioprocessing Applications
A number of different antibiotic classes have been isolated, chemically modified, and used extensively by physicians in treating infectious diseases. As most traditional antibiotics were derived from yeast or bacteria, their large-scale production is based on fermentation processes. AmberLite FPA51 Ion Exchange Resin can be used for the removal of organic color bodies in those downstream bioprocesses.


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Manufacturer DuPont - Dow
Series AmberLite Ion Exchange Resin
Model Number FPA51
Part Number FPA51
Description Physical Properties:
Copolymer - Styrene-divinylbenzene
Matrix - Macroporous
Type - Weak Base Anion
Functional Group - Secondary amine (≥ 85%)
Physical Form - Beige, opaque, spherical beads
Chemical Properties:
Ionic Form as Shipped - Free base (FB)
Total Exchange Capacity - ≥ 1.30 eq/L
Water Retention Capacity - 56 – 62%
Particle Size:
Particle Diameter - 490 – 690 μm
< 300 μm - ≤ 1.0%
>1180 μm - ≤ 2.0%
Swelling - FB → HCl : 25%
Shipping Weight - 660 g/L

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