Small Lab DI Water System 400 GPD / 1 LPM

Lab DI Water System 1 LPM

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to quickly build a small DI Water System. The customer asked that the skid be pre-assembled on a pallet so they could remove the system once onsite for quick installation. The system was designed to produce 400 GPD DI Water for the lab. The system was fabricated using the following equipment:

Fleck 9100 Twin Softener System – The fleck twin softener system was selected due to exchange the hardness minerals for sodium ions. Hardness minerals will stick to RO membranes and create scale. This scale will limit the performance of both flow and quality of the RO Membrane. The twin alternating design of the Fleck 9100 provides 24/7 soft water. As one tank is in regeneration the other tank will be online providing constant soft water.

The RO System selected was Complete Water Solutions 400 GPD RO System. Our 400 GPD RO System comes complete with booster pump, 2 RO Membranes, pre filters, carbon filters and a conductivity meter. The RO System will help reduce the TDS (total dissolved solids) allowing longer life of the DI (Deionizer Tank).

The DI Exchange Tank was equipped with a 5 Meg Ohm Quality Light to alert the customer when the water is within spec. The Red/Green light meter will provide the necessary indication when the tank needs to be changed.

After the DI Tank Complete Water Solutions installed a small UV system to help in the biological reduction and to keep the water lines clean.

The water skid was equipped with a re-circulation line to keep the water flowing through the quality light and DI Exchange Tank.

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