Nitrate Removal From Water

What Is Nitrate? Is my water at risk for Nitrates?

Nitrate is a naturally-forming compound that is the product of nitrogen combined with oxygen or ozone. While nitrogen is essential for all living things, high levels of nitrate in drinking water can be hazardous to health, especially for infants and pregnant women. Nitrates are also created in large amounts by plants and animals as well as smoke and industrial and/or automotive exhaust.

What Are the Health Risks of Consuming Nitrates?

Nitrates are naturally-occurring ions that are part of the earth’s nitrogen cycle. Nitrates are often found in the environment in highly water-soluble forms, in association with other ions such as sodium and potassium. There are limited studies on the effects of prolonged exposure to nitrates in drinking water, however, the studies that have been completed suggest that there are genotoxic, developmental, and systemic concerns about nitrates in drinking water, and in some cases, it’s believed it may cause cancer or even death.

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Solutions for Nitrate Removal From Water

There are a number of treatment methods available to remove nitrates from water. That’s where Complete Water Solutions comes in! If your commercial or industrial facility is having issues with nitrates in your water, we have a number of options for removing this hazardous element from your water supply:

There are also a number of industries that may find that their source water contains nitrates including:

Complete Water Solutions can help you with nitrate removal in your facility. Contact us today!


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