Troubleshooting Filmtec Membranes

July 17, 2019 - Nathan Olszak

Troubleshooting Filmtec Membranes

*NOTE* - These troubleshooting tips can be used for troubleshooting other membranes beyond Filmtec!

Troubleshooting: Symptoms of Trouble, Causes, and Corrective Measures

Changes of the permeate flow, the salt passage and the differential pressure are symptoms which can be attached to specific causes in many cases. Although, the symptoms of different causes may overlap in reality, and the symptoms are more or less pronounced in specific cases. An overview of symptoms, their possible causes, and corrective measures are given in the table below.

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Diagnosing Dow Membrane Issues

Permeate Flow

Salt Passage

Differential Pressure

Direct Cause

Indirect Cause

Corrective Measure

Oxidation Damage

Free Chlorine, Ozone, KMnO₄

Replace Element

Membrane Leak

Permeate Backpressure; Abrasion

Replace Element; Improve Cartridge Filtration

O-Ring Leak

Improper Installation

Replace O-Ring

Leaking Product Tube

Damaged During Element Loading

Replace Element


Insufficient Scale Control

Cleaning, Scale Control

Colloidal Fouling

Insufficient Pretreatment

Cleaning, Improve Pretreatment


Contaminated Raw Water; Insufficient Pretreatment

Cleaning, Disinfection, Improve Pretreatment

Organic Fouling

Oil; Cationic Polyelectrolytes Water Hammer

Cleaning, Improve Pretreatment


Water Hammer

Replace Element or Add Elements

Table Key

Main Symptom
Not Changing

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