The Importance of RO for the Food & Beverage Industry

June 24, 2019 - Nathan Olszak

The Importance of RO
for the Food & Beverage Industry

From raw material to finished goods, for food & beverage producers, water is a vital component. At Complete Water Solutions, our products and solutions are engineered to help meet the challenges the industry is facing to treat utility, ingredient, and process of wastewater for our beverage & food processing clients. We can help to improve the operational efficiency and boost uptime at your facility with state-of-the-art technology that can also improve water efficiency and lower energy costs. From small to large plants, we will take a proactive stance in water management and work with you to consistently meet regulatory requirements for product or wastewater discharge.

As experts in water treatment, we offer solutions that encompass water reuse and conservation throughout your operations, optimization of existing water production, and design and construction of new, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment processes. Complete Water Solutions’ products and solutions can cover the water needed at each stage of your plant! We will analyze your water requirement, test your source water, evaluate your potential for reuse and conservation, and perform a treatment cost-benefit analysis to ensure your system is planned properly throughout the process.

Utility Water Treatment

The sources and quality of the water supplied from a public water supply can vary greatly. With the help of Complete Water Solutions, this incoming plant water can be treated for specific plant uses; from washing and disinfection, to cooling, and boiler feedwater. Membranes, filters, and chemical treatments in your RO system, as well as the inclusion of a deionized water system, are often used to get the best results for a cost-effective water treatment system.

Ingredient Water Treatment

Product safety and consistency are essential in food & beverage plants. Complete Water Solutions has decades of experience and proven treatment systems that integrate pretreatment, desalination, disinfection, and distribution of the product/liquid being treated. From whey, beer, and water bottling to carbonated soft drinks and other beverages, Complete Water Solutions designs all of its systems to address the high-quality standards and high efficient process that the industry expects and needs.

Wastewater Treatment

A byproduct from most food & beverage plants is a strongly biodegradable wastewater with a high content of organic and inorganic materials. Complete Water Solutions has the knowledge and experience to implement a set of technologies to enable safe wastewater reuse and regulatory compliance while improving the efficiency and reliability in wastewater management. From membrane filtration systems treating impaired water, oxidation of organics, colors and odor removal, and more, Complete Water Solutions has a solution for your wastewater treatment needs!


To discuss the water treatment process at any phase of your plant operations, or to audit your processes and discover the best solution for your needs, contact the water treatment experts at Complete Water Solutions today! Our friendly staff is standing by to help you with your industrial or commercial water treatment system!

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