The Benefits of Deionized Water

May 18, 2020 - Nathan Olszak

The Benefits of Deionized Water

What is Deionized Water?

For hospitals, biotech companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, blenders or any other facility that needs purified water for their production, deionized water is crucial. So, what is deionized water, or DI water, and why does it matter? Deionized water is a common component of a chemistry laboratory and in the manufacturing industry. Understanding how and why this water type is preferable to simple tap water can help you to understand its importance in providing you with the best manufacturing and chemical results. Typical water that comes from a well or municipal water supply contains ions that are naturally found in the soil, according to the Illinois Department of Physics. Examples of these ions include sodium, calcium, iron and copper. In deionized water, a specialized process is used to remove these ions.

Common Industries & Products That Use DI Water

• Pharmaceuticals
• The Beverage Industry
• Liquid detergents
• Immersion cooling applications
• Automotive applications
• Biochemistry applications
• Cosmetic products
• Cleaning electronic devices
• Cooling systems like ones used for laser welding
• A/C fire extinguishes
• Electronic Discharge Machining
• Cooling Towers

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The Benefits of DI Water

Resistivity to Electricity

When deionized water is in its purest state, it measures 18.3 Megohms of resistivity, meaning the water has a very high resistance to electricity.

Contrary to popular belief, water in its purest state is not an electrical conductor. That’s because the deionization process removes all the charged ions from water that would otherwise carry an electric charge.

In theory, if you were lying in a tub of pure deionized water and dropped in a toaster, you would be just fine. The absence of conductive charged ions in the water creates a highly resistive liquid that an electrical charge cannot pass through.

DI water is measured at 18.3 Megohms has a pH of 7, meaning it is absolutely neutral. When water is neutral, it will take on the characteristics of any substance added to it.

The Importance of DI Water

Deionized water is a true water blank, meaning it assumes the chemistry of whatever product is added to it. This has critical implications, especially for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

When medical product manufacturers create a product, water is almost always mixed in. However, to create a chemically sound product, the water can’t contain any impurities that could potentially change the product’s chemical composition.

For example, if a chemist wants to make Saline or another solution that’s going to be injected into the body, their water needs to meet a standard called “water for injection,” which starts with deionized water.

That way, when the Saline formula is added to the water, it creates an exact replica of the solution they need. If the water contains any impurities or metal, such as copper or lead, it will cause adverse health effects for whomever injects the product.

Deionized water is a critical element for the industries that need it. Especially in the medical industry, failing to use a safe deionized water system can have serious, if not fatal, consequences.

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DI Exchange Tanks

Complete Water Solutions offers High Purity DI Exchange Tanks, which are used in many lab applications. These tanks are constructed with Cation, Anion, or mix bed applications, as well as high-purity applications, such as with UV and Absolute Cartridges.

EDI Filtration

Similar to regular deionization techniques, electro-deionization water filtration systems are suitable for creating lab pure water. All particles are completely removed from the purified water, making this ideal for lab and pharmaceutical work. There is a 95% water recovery rate with electro-deionization for additional benefits to this water filtration system. The units offered by Complete Water Solutions are low energy using for even more savings.

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