Common Reverse Osmosis Services

June 10, 2020 - Nathan Olszak

Common Reverse Osmosis Services

Water system reliability is dependent on proper maintenance, and cost efficiency can be impacted dramatically by a poorly operating RO system.

Operating a water system at maximum efficiency AND the lowest cost requires ongoing system maintenance. Proper maintenance and membrane cleaning cycles reduce water and electricity usage and extend the life of RO membranes by months and years. Important savings that can be achieved downstream; for example, a drop in RO salt rejection from 98% to 96% increases downstream polishing resin regeneration cost by more than 30%.

Complete Water Solutions offers maintenance and service calls to ensure that the below water treatment solutions are functioning at their peak performance. Most of our clients handle the daily system readings and routine maintenance such as changing cartridge filters and partner with us to handle monthly system monitoring, diagnostics, membrane cleaning, mechanical maintenance, and parts replacement.

Available Service Options For Your RO System Include:

Preventative Maintenance

Complete Water Solutions’ field service technicians are ready to develop a customized service plan that meshes with your team’s needs to maintain your water systems at the highest level of reliability with the lowest lifecycle service cost. We also offer 24/7 emergency service for when things suddenly go wrong in your facility! Call (855) 787-4200 for immediate assistance!

Membrane Services

Complete Water Solutions has developed a series of services that are focused entirely on system membranes! Our membrane services keep your RO membrane systems operating at peak performance. Our membrane services include:

  • Membrane removal and installation service
  • On-site (clean in place or CIP) membrane cleaning (Learn more below)
  • Offsite membrane cleaning
  • Membrane diagnosis

Replacement Parts

Replacement reverse osmosis membranes and cartridge filters can be ordered through our office due to our channel partnerships with many of the top membrane and cartridge filter suppliers. We also maintain an expansive stock of membranes and filters at our facility.

Scale Fouled RO Membrane
fouling ro membranes, membrane scaling, complete water solutions

On-Site RO System Cleaning (CIP)

Complete Water solutions is able to provide on-site cleaning of your RO system to maximize its performance. All Reverse Osmosis membranes will require periodic cleaning due to fouling and/or scaling of the RO membrane that occurs over time as the membrane continues to reject impurities from the feed water. The result is higher operating pressures, higher operating costs, less output, and poorer quality results. For a typical Reverse Osmosis system, membrane cleaning is required every 3 to 12 months depending on the application. Regular cleaning of the reverse osmosis systems can extend the lifetime of your assets while increasing efficiency

On-site cleaning can be carried out with visits to your site by our trained technicians. In addition to cleaning, our technicians will also provide all the technical support information in order to achieve the best results after the cleaning.

Chemicals used during the cleaning are brought on-site and a thorough membrane cleaning will be done using either the existing CIP system or another arranged by Complete Water Solutions. Need help with the maintenance on your RO system? Contact Complete Water Solutions today!

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