What Is the Best Way to Ensure Your Restaurant Water Is Clean?

November 12, 2021 - Nathan Olszak

What Is the Best Way to Ensure Your Restaurant Water Is Clean?

What Is the Best Way to Ensure Your Restaurant Water Is Clean
Restaurants need clean water for cooking, cleaning and other essential operations. Purified restaurant water can make a huge difference in your restaurant’s sanitation and drinking water quality. Water treatment for restaurants can maintain customer satisfaction with fresh drinking water and provide a water free from contaminants for washing your equipment.

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Why Is It Important to Filter Water at Your Restaurant?

Water in your restaurant is necessary for numerous kitchen functions. Clean drinking water and ice can make a considerable difference for your customers, so it is essential to ensure that your restaurant’s water is as clean as possible.

Most water supplies include natural impurities such as minerals, chemicals and sediment. Some of these contaminants are visible to the naked eye, and even imperceptible pollutants can cause an unpleasant taste or odor. These contaminants may leave scale on dishwashers, steamers, ice machines and coffee pots and foster bacteria growth in your kitchen and dining areas.

Filtering water at your restaurant can remove these pollutants before contaminating your food, beverages and equipment. You can also use water filters in many types of restaurant equipment to improve its functionality, prevent damage and maximize efficiency.

Sanitation Regulations for Restaurants

There are numerous sanitation regulations for restaurants, including water temperature, filtration and purification. These laws ensure you maintain a clean kitchen facility and prevent foodborne illnesses. Following proper water sanitation and purity regulations can help keep your equipment free of bacteria and running efficiently.

How to Avoid Restaurant Sanitation Fines


Maintain a standard of using safely purified restaurant water through conscientious water treatment to comply with regulations. By following the proper water filtration processes required of a restaurant and maintaining excellent employee hygiene practices, you can protect your employees’ and customers’ health and avoid sanitation fees.

Water Usage at Restaurants

Clean water is essential in the food service industry. Most of your restaurant equipment relies on clean water to function correctly. Some crucial uses for restaurant water include:


    • Hand washing: Your restaurant staff must follow proper hygiene practices for serving and handling food. Instruct your employees to wash their hands before preparing and handling food or whenever they must shift between tasks. Washing thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds will ensure your employees prevent cross-contamination.


    • Dish washing: Clean dishes are crucial when serving food to guests. To clean your dishes properly, you need to use purified water free of contaminants and heat it to a high enough temperature to kill all germs and bacteria. The only way to ensure your dishes, glassware and utensils are clean is to use a sanitizing warewasher or industrial dish machine, which requires purified hot water and sanitizing chemicals.


    • Floor washing: In addition to keeping your water for food, beverages and serving dishes clean, you need water to clean various surfaces in your restaurant. Just as you must clean your counters with a warm, water-based sanitation solution, keep your floors free of any spills, residue and dirt with purified hot water.


    • Equipment cleaning: Good sanitation practices are the backbone of an efficient and safe food service space. It is best to wipe down and sanitize all of your restaurant’s surfaces, equipment and working areas with a water and sanitation solution. Clean rags soaked in hot or warm water are also far more effective at cleaning and disinfecting.


    • Producing ice: Ice machines should use a filter that eliminates funky tastes resulting from mineral buildup in your water supply. Preventing sediment and chemicals from entering your ice machine will also ensure that it produces clean ice for your customers’ consumption.


    • Making coffee: A water filtration system is critical for brewing fresh-tasting coffee. Water treatments for your coffee pot will block contaminants to ensure sanitary and delicious coffee for your customers. Restaurant water filters can prevent sediment and minerals from clogging any internal components of your brewer and reduce your energy costs by increasing your machine’s efficiency and lifespan.


    • Steaming food: Your restaurant’s steam equipment relies on a supply of pure water. Proper water treatment for your restaurant food steamers can prevent unwanted buildup and keep your machine running smoothly and lasting longer. You will also be able to produce safer and tastier food for your customers.


4 Best Types of Water Filtration Systems for Restaurants

Some water filtration systems may better suit your restaurant equipment and the type of water you need to filter. Your equipment may require different filters to remove various pollutants from your systems, such as sediment, iron, chlorine and organic materials.


Your equipment may require different filters to remove various pollutants from your sytems, such as sediment, iron, chlorine and organic materials.


These are the most popular water filtration processes for restaurants to ensure better water quality for your employees and guests.


1. Carbon Block Filters


Carbon block filters give your customers purified water free of the following:


  • Lead
  • Chlorine byproducts
  • Gasoline
  • Fluoride
  • Parasites
  • Bacteria
  • Traces of pharmaceuticals, radon, pesticides and herbicides


Carbon effectively removes smaller contaminants like chlorine, chloramine and bacteria and absorbs impurities as they pass through the water. If your water supply is higher in larger sediment contaminants, it may help you to pair your carbon block filters with an additional sediment filter.


2. Reverse Osmosis


Reverse osmosis (RO) systems usually accompany carbon block filters and send pressurized water through an ultra-fine membrane to remove sulfates, heavy metals and chloride, giving the water a salty or metallic taste. RO systems generally remove finite chemicals and traces that carbon block filters might miss and offer an incredibly reliable restaurant water treatment method to improve your water’s taste and clarity.


3. Ultraviolet Light


Ultraviolet (UV) light filters use ultraviolet radiation to disinfect water and neutralize harmful bacteria, microorganisms and parasites. UV light filters are incredibly effective at removing small organic matter from the water and can be a useful option for pre-treatment or polishing during filtration. Achieve the freshest water possible by pairing UV light filters with carbon and sediment filters to remove other solid contaminants.


4. Sediment Filtration


A sediment filter functions as a sieve to catch dirt particles and sediment that flow through the water in your system. These filters employ a bed of natural media like sand, which traps dirt particles as water passes through it. The water leaves any sediment behind to guarantee your restaurant water is free from unwanted particulate. Sediment filtration traps larger solids and can significantly reduce unwanted particles’ levels to safe amounts for drinking water.


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Choose Complete Water Solutions for Your Restaurant Water Treatment Needs

Ensuring you have purified restaurant water is essential for your restaurants’ safety and success. When you need to guarantee high-purity, deionized water for your restaurant, Complete Water Solutions’ RO-expert technicians can provide you with NSF-certified products.


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