Veolia – Specialty Filters – Capsule Memtrex MP – CMMP9230YY 8.8″ 1/PK

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Description and Use
Memtrex MP Capsule Filters (CMMP) offer unique polyethersulfone membranes that exhibit both high
throughputs and precise retention characteristics for superior performance in most applications.
Additionally, CMMP filters are resistant to a broad range of chemicals and pH extremes. The DI water rinsed CMMP filters are the filtration solution to a wide variety of applications in the beverage, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.

Typical Applications
Memtrex MP Capsule Filters are specifically designed for filtration of process fluids in the beverage,
pharmaceutical, and electronics industries, including applications such as filtration of:
• Acids, bases, and oxidants
• Serums and tissue culture media
• Pharmaceutical intermediates
• Fine inks and dyes
• Point-of-use for process water

Features and Benefits
• High throughput and precise retention characteristics
• Broad chemical compatibility — ideal for filtration of acids, bases, and solvents
• Individually integrity tested during manufacturing
• Rinsed with DI water during manufacturing for improved cleanliness and rinse-up times
• Low protein binding membrane suitable for biopharmaceutical processes


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Manufacturer Veolia
Series Memtrex MP Capsules
Model Number CMMP9230YY 8.8" 1/PK
Part Number 1240647
Description Type - CMMP
Absolute Micron - 92 = 0.2 μm
Capsule Size - 30 = Medium (30. ft2)
Connections - Y = 1.5” (38.1 mm) Sanitary Flange

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