Veolia – Specialty Filters – M Series (Mycelx) – Veolia GEM30-15HT

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Description and Use
Veolia M series filters are spun-bonded polypropylene plastic cartridges infused with patented chemistry that increases the hydrophobic nature of the material rendering it highly oil absorbent and water repellant.
Veolia M filters are engineered to remove hydrocarbons from water in a single pass. Hydrocarbons
form a tenacious bond to Veolia M filter media surfaces throughout the depth of the filter to prevent the
absorbed hydrocarbons from separating and  re-emulsifying in filter housing process streams.

• Instantly absorb contacted oil
• Triboelectrically inert and will not generate static charge
• Non-shredding, durable
• Environmentally safe
• Minimizes waste


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Manufacturer Veolia
Series Veolia M (Mycelx)
Model Number Veolia GEM30-15HT
Part Number 3133715

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