Veolia – Pleated Filter Cartridges – Flotrex PN – FPN024AAE 40.00″

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Description and Use
The Flotrex PN (FPN) microfiber filters offer an economical solution for your filtration needs. The
all polypropylene construction of the FPN filters provides superior chemical compatibility. The gradient
density, thermally bonded polypropylene media has excellent dirt holding capacities and reliable retention characteristics. FPN filters do not contain any adhesives or additives.
Typical Applications
FPN filters are an economical alternative to membrane filters in a broad range of applications,
• Filtration of liquid polymers, coatings, and inks
• Filtration of bulk chemicals
• Beer trap filtration
• Post Carbon bed and DI bed filtration
• Pre-filtration to protect expensive final filters


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Manufacturer Veolia
Series Flotrex PN
Model Number FPN024AAE 40.00"
Part Number 1186730
Description Type - FPN
Micron Rating (absolute) - 02 = 2.0 μm
Cartridge Length - 4 = 40 in
End # 1 Adapter - A = Open End Gasket
End # 2 Adapter - A = Open End Gasket
Elastomer Material - E = EPDM

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