Veolia – Specialty Filters – EB Series (Mycelx) – Veolia GEEB30-4

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Description and Use
Veolia EB series filters are spun bound polypropylene cartridges infused with patented chemistry that
increases the hydrophobic nature of the material rendering it highly oil absorbent and water repellant.
Veolia EB filters are engineered to break oil-in-water emulsions and remove hydrocarbons from water in a single pass.
• Instantly absorb contacted oil
• Triboelectrically inert and will not generate static charge
• Non-shredding, durable
• Environmentally safe
• Minimizes waste


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Manufacturer Veolia
Series Veolia EB (Mycelx)
Model Number Veolia GEEB30-4
Part Number 3133705

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