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TapTec HP333 H Ion Exchange Resin Drinking Water-grade, Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resin for Hardness Removal.
TapTec HP333 H Ion Exchange Resin is a weak acid cation exchange resin containing carboxylic groups on an acrylic matrix. It combines a high exchange capacity with a smaller volume variation than conventional carboxylic resins.
TapTec HP333 H is designed for cartridge applications where temporary hardness is removed from tap water for use in cooking or making tea and coffee. It also removes heavy metals and is widely used to improve the taste of water.
TapTec HP resins are manufactured especially for potable water treatment.


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Manufacturer DuPont - Dow
Series TapTec Ion Exchange Resin
Model Number HP333 H
Part Number HP333 H
Description Typical Properties:
Physical Properties:
Copolymer - Crosslinked acrylic
Matrix - Macroporous
Type - Weak acid cation
Functional Group - Carboxylic acid
Physical Form - Yellow, opaque, spherical beads
Chemical Properties:
Ionic Form as Shipped - H+
Total Exchange Capacity - ≥ 3.85 eg/L
Particle Size:
Particle Diameter - 500-700 µm
Color Throw, As packaged - ≤ 20 APHA units
Whole Uncracked Beads - ≥ 90%
Swelling - Ca2+ → Na+ : 5%
Particle Density - 1.140-1.180 g/mL
Shipping Weight - 808 g/L

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