Suez – Filter Cartridges – Z.Plex Z.Core – FLT, CTG, DEPTH, ZCore-05-40-FHE

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Features and benefits
• Engineered specifically for high temperature filtration
• Unique construction maintains structural integrity while significantly increasing dirt holding capacity
• Polypropylene core greatly enhances strength and temperature resistance
• Melt-bonded exterior ensures no media migration and prevents premature surface blinding
• High temperature applications
– Food and beverage
– Chemicals
– Oil and gas
• High viscosity fluids filtration
• High pressure drop applications


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Manufacturer Suez
Series Z.Plex Z.Core
Model Number ZCore-05-40-FHE
Part Number 3146081
Description Type - ZCore
Micron Rating (absolute) - 05
Cartridge Length - 40 in
End # 1 Adapter - F = 226 O-Ring
End # 2 Adapter - H = Fin
Elastomer Material - E = EPDM

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