Suez – Specialty Filters – Capsule Memtrex NY – CMNY9659LL 13.0″

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Description and Use
Memtrex NY Capsule Filters (CMNY) have a unique polyester, and polypropylene construction for enhanced reliability, and usefulness. Polyester housings, and support layers ensure and maintain
capsule integrity, while a nylon prefilter membrane layer over a final membrane layer significantly
enhances filter life. CMNY filters are suitable for a broad range of applications, meeting worldwide
demand for functionality in chemical, beverage, and water processing.

Typical Applications
Memtrex NY Capsule Filters have been designed for reliable filtration in a wide range of applications,
• Beverages
• Cosmetics
• Electronics
• Fine and Bulk Chemicals
• Pharmaceuticals

Features and Benefits
• Utilizes inherently hydrophilic, high-purity Nylon 66 membrane
• Innovative serial layer membrane design
• Thermal weld techniques — no adhesives, resins or binders
• Low extractables
• 100% integrity tested and rinsed for uncompromised reliability and consistency


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Manufacturer Suez
Series Memtrex NY Capsules
Model Number CMNY9659LL 13.0"
Part Number 1237887
Description Type - CMNY
Absolute Micron - 96 = 0.65 μm
Capsule Size - 59 = Large (5.9 ft2)
Connections - L = 1.5" (38.1 mm) Sanitary Flange

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