Suez – Pleated Filter Cartridges – Memtrex MP – MMP924EGE 40.17″

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Description and Use

Memtrex MP (MMP) filters constructed with hydrophilic polyethersulfone membranes and all polypropylene components, exhibit both enhanced throughput, and reliable particle retention for
superior performance in most applications. MMP filters are compatible with a broad range of
chemicals and pH extremes. The low protein binding characteristics of the polyethersulfone membranes
ensure that MMP filters are suitable in a variety of beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications.
Constructed using thermal welding techniques, the MMP filters do not contain any adhesives or additives, and individual integrity testing assures that MMP filters meet the exacting performance requirements of our customers.

Typical Applications

• Dependable particle control in aqueous inks and dyes.
• Filtration of technical grade bulk aqueous chemicals including acids, bases and oxidizers
• Clarification and microbial control for bottled water packaging
• Clarification and microbial control for ingredient and process waters
• Filtration for improved microbiological stability of non-pasteurized beers and wines
• Particulate and bio-burden control in upstream pharmaceutical processes that do not require sterilizing grade filters such as bulk intermediates and large volume parentals
• Filtration for microbiological stability of serums and other cell culture media
• Protection to reduce the loading and extend the service life of downstream sterilizing grade cartridge filters in aseptic packaging operations
• Retrofit filter alternatives for endoscope reprocessing machines
• Reliable particle control for recirculating ultrapure de-ionized water loops.
• Clarification of bulk high purity aqueous chemicals
• Point of use filtration of purified water and aqueous chemistries


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