Suez – Pleated Filter Cartridges – Flotrex HR – FHR252AAT 19.44″

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Description and Use
Flotrex-HR (FHR) filters  are made entirely from Halar (ECTFE) (Halar is a trademark of
Ausimont.), an industrial-grade fluoropolymer with excellent solvent resistance. FHR filters can withstand the harshest process conditions due to this virtually indestructible material. Providing broad chemical compatibility, you can count on our filters to produce consistent, uniform process streams in your most demanding filtration applications.  FHR filters deliver high flow rates and high-purity
results with absolute rated efficiencies (99.9% filtration efficiency at rated pore size based on ASTM F795 and F661 test methods) and retention characteristics that typically outperform polypropylene fiber filters.
The FHR filter is just one example of our strong commitment to fluid treatment. Our complete portfolio
includes filters for every stage of processing, and we offer custom solutions for your unique applications.
SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions is your complete source for filters, crossflow membranes, housings, and other filtration equipment.

Typical Applications
FHR all-Halar, melt-blown fiber filters offer outstanding performance in extremely harsh
chemical environments. These FHR filters also provide cost-effective, absolute filtration at high flow
rates. Available in a range of 3, 10 and 25 µm, FHR filters are manufactured and packaged in a
cleanroom environment for assured cleanliness. FHR filters are designed for both pre- and final filtration.
Typical applications include:
• Filtration of aggressive chemicals including- Toluene and Xylene
• Filtration of Ozonated Water
• Beverage


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