Suez – Specialty Filters – Capsule Flotrex AP – CFAP1008MM 4.0″

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Description and Use
Flotrex AP capsule filters (CFAP) combine the purity and reliability of all- polypropylene construction into a cost-effective filter that exhibits exceptional particle retention and service life. With their range of micron ratings and broad chemical compatibility, CFAP filters are appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Features and Benefits
• Flotrex AP Capsules Filters have 100% polypropylene construction
• Thermally bonded, gradient density polypropylene microfiber media
• Wide range of absolute micron ratings from 0.65 to 40 microns
• Broad chemical compatibility
• Suitable for both gas and liquid filtration
• Consistent, precise particle retention combined with high loading capacity
• Economic alternative to membrane filters in selected applications
• Ideal for batch or small volume processes
• Optionally available with opaque housings for use with light-sensitive materials

Typical Applications
• Filtration of fine chemicals used in electronics manufacture
• Filtration of inks, dyes and coatings
• Pre-filtration of pharmaceuticals, biologicals and cosmetics
• Vent and process gas filtration
• Point-of-use water filtration
• Filtration of eyeglass lens monomers


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