Suez – RO Membranes – Duracon NF1 3840C50

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The Duracon NF1 Elements are typically used in food related processes requiring stringent sanitary procedures. These elements are designed for daily CIP and periodic hot-water sanitation, while still maintaining element integrity. They are typically used for processing sugar solutions in food-related processes. Applications include mono-saccharides purification and sugar fractionation.

Typical Operating Pressure 140 – 800 psi (966 – 5,514 kPa)
Typical Operating Flux 5-20 GFD (8-34 LMH)
Clean Water Flux (CWF) 14 GFD (24 LMH) @ 110 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure  1,200 psi (8,273 kPa)
Maximum Temperature 150°F (65°C)
pH Range 3.0-9.0
Maximum Pressure Drop Over an element: 15 psi (103 kPa) Per housing: 60 psi (414 kPa)
Chlorine Tolerance 500 ppm-hours, dechlorination recommended


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Manufacturer Suez
Series Duracon NF1
Model Number Duracon NF1 3840C50
Part Number 1206941
Description Spacer mil (mm): 50 (1.27)
Active Area Ft2 (m2): 55 (5.1)

Shipping Weight 7 Lbs (3.2 KG)

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