American Melt Blown & Filtration – Snap Band Cartridge For HC14-18 Round Housings

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Snap Band Cartridge For HC14-18 Round Housings – Building a model #

Housing Type + # of Cartridges + Cartridge Length + Connection Type + Material + Pressure Rating (PSI)

HC1418302F415 (Sample in Bold Below)

Housing Type — HC14 

# of Cartridges — 18 Cartridges

Cartridge Length — 30″,40″

Connection ” — 2″,3″,4″

Connection Type — N=FNPT, or F=Flange

Material — C = Carbon, 4 = 304SS, 6 = 316SS

Pressure Rating (PSI) — 15=150 PSI






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Manufacturer American Melt Blown and Filtration
Series Snap Band Cartridge
Model Number HC14-18 Round Housings
Part Number HC1418302F415 Sample

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