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D870 is a macroporous polystyrenic based resin, with functional groups specially designed for the selective removal of salts of
boron from aqueous solutions. It is effective for such solutions over a wide range of pH values, and over a wide range of concentrations.
D870 is ideal for cleaning wastewaters in any chemical processes where boron concentration exceeds the discharge limits. The regeneration procedures may also afford some boric acid recovery. Such discharge limits to rivers are becoming increasingly low since boron (although an
essential trace element for plant growth) in excess fractions of ppm (as B) can be toxic to plants. Hence removal of boron can render waters suitable for irrigation. Boron removal capacity is typically 0.1-0.2 lbs/ft3 of resin, depending on the water chemistry.
D870 may also be used to prepare boron free magnesium brine. Such brine can contain as much as 100 ppm of boron and this makes them unsuitable for electrolysis because of the coalescence of the magnesium. Reduction of the boron to less than 10 ppm in the brine of 12% MgCl2 renders it suitable for electrolysis.


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