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RoClean® P611 powder is a multicomponent, high pH buffered cleaner that is free of phosphate and EDTA.
It is effective against foulants commonly found in waste water reuse plants and landfill leachate systems, including hydrophobic organic foulants, bioslime, clay and colloidal silica. RoClean P611 is highly buffered to resist pH changes during the cleaning process, and is NSF
certified for off-line use in drinking water systems. This cleaner is ideal for sites with strict environmental discharge limits.


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Manufacturer Avista
Series Certified NSF Cleaner
Model Number RoClean L611 - Green
Part Number RoClean L611 - Green
• A specialized blend of additives to dissolve organic foulants and disperse colloidal particles.
• Environmentally friendly and free of EDTA and phosphate.
• Foam fractionated for superior performance.
• Highly buffered to resist pH changes during the cleaning process.
• Compatible with the polyamide elements of all major membrane manufacturers.

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