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RoCide® is a non-oxidizing, membrane compatible biocide to reduce biological fouling in membrane systems. RoCide biocides are broad spectrum formulations that combat contaminants such as bacteria, fungi and algae. They are compatible with all membranes and can be used with various Avista cleaners. These biocides may be applied intermittently, via continuous injection or as a periodic addition to your clean-in-place (CIP) system.


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Manufacturer Avista
Series RO Care Product - Biocides
Model Number RoCide DB5
Part Number RoCide DB5
Description RoCide® DB5 liquid is a fast-acting, non-oxidizing biocide that degrades naturally and rapidly, making it a cost-effective method of eliminating contamination in compliance with strict discharge regulations.

This formulation is based on a 5% solution of the active ingredient dibromo nitrilopropionamide (DBNPA). It’s almost instantaneous antimicrobial activity combined with its rapid chemical breakdown make it the chemical of choice for smaller membrane systems, where dosing the more concentrated RoCide DB20 liquid may not be practical.

Performance Benefits:
Instantaneous antimicrobial activity as a non-oxidizing slimicide and bactericide.
Powerful against bacteria, fungi and algae.
Degrades rapidly to comply with strict environmental discharge regulations.
Suitable for use with polyamide and cellulose acetate membranes from all major manufacturers.
Compatible with other Avista cleaners.
Key Features Contaminant: Bacteria, Fungi and Algae
Method of Use: CIP and Shock Treatment
Membrane Compatible: Yes
EPA Registered (For use in RO Systems): No

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