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ResinTech CG8-BL is a dark colored sodium form 8% crosslinked gel strong acid cation resin. CG8-BL is a workhorse cation resin optimized for industrial and residential applications that require good regeneration efficiency and oxidative stability.  CG8-BL is intended for use in all industrial and commercial softening applications, as well as residential applications that have moderate amounts of chlorine in the feedwater. CG8-H-BL is intended for use in demineralizers and in mixed beds. CG8-BL is available in hydrogen form (when ordered as CG8-H-BL).


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Manufacturer ResinTech Inc
Series Resin
Model Number Strong Acid Cation Resins
Part Number CG8-BL

Polymer Structure Styrene/DVB
Polymer Type Gel
Functional Group Sulfonic Acid
Physical Form Spherical Beads
Ionic Form (as shipped) Sodium or Hydrogen
Total capacity > 1.8 meq/mL (H Form) / > 2 meq/mL (Na Form)
Water Retention 47 to 56 percent (H Form) / 42 to 49 percent (Na Form)
Approximate Shipping Weight 50 lbs/cu.ft. (H Form) / 51 lbs/cu.ft. (Na Form)
Swelling 5 to 9 percent Na to H
Screen Size Distribution 16 to 50 (U.S. Mesh)
Maximum Fines Content 1 percent (less than 50 Mesh)
Minimum Sphericity 93 percent
Uniformity Coefficient 1.6 (Approximate)
Resin Color Brown to black

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