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ResinTech IT-1 is an inert bead form resin designed with a bead size and specific gravity in between that of active cation and anion resins.  IT-1 is intended for mixed bed demineralizers where a barrier layer of inert resin is desired surrounding the interface collector after backwash.  IT-1 is supplied in an inert form.


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Manufacturer ResinTech Inc
Series Resin
Model Number Specialty Resins
Part Number IT-1

Polymer Structure Proprietary Matrix
Polymer Type Macroporous
Functional Group None
Physical Form Spherical Beads
Approximate Shipping Weight 42 lbs/cu.ft. (Cl Form)
Screen Size Distribution 20 to 40 (U.S. Mesh)
Maximum Fines Content 1 percent (less than 50 Mesh)
Minimum Sphericity 95 percent
Uniformity Coefficient 1.2 (Approximate)
Resin Color White to tan

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