ResinTech – Mixed Bed Resins – MBD-15 ULTRA

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ResinTech MBD-15 ULTRA is a one-to-one equivalent mixture of CG8-H-BL (a hydrogen form dark colored strong acid cation resin) and SBG1POH (a hydroxide form type 1 strong base anion resin). MBD-15 ULTRA utilizes a highly regenerated cation component paired with an ultra-low TOC highly regenerated anion component. MBD-15 ULTRA is intended for use in the highest purity applications where extremely high quality and low TOC are needed. ResinTech MBD-15 ULTRA is supplied ready to use with the cation component in the hydrogen form and the anion component in the hydroxide form.


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Manufacturer ResinTech Inc
Series Resin
Model Number Mixed Bed Resins
Part Number MBD-15 ULTA

Polymer Structure Styrene/DVB
Polymer Type Gel
Functional Group Sulfonic Acid (Cation) / Trimethylamine (Anion)
Physical Form Spherical Beads
Ionic Form (as shipped) Hydrogen/Hydroxide
Column capacity > 0.57 meq/mL
Volume Ratio (Cation/Anion) 2:3
Water Retention 60 to 65 percent
Shipping Weight 43 lbs per cu. ft.
Screen Size Distribution 16 to 50 (U.S. Mesh)
Resin Color Brown to black (Cation) / Amber (Anion)

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