Veolia – Reverse Osmosis System – SeaPRO-E Series – Model SeaPRO-E-72


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When you mention reverse osmosis (RO), Veolia is the first name to come to mind. The Veolia SeaPRO E-series RO machines are designed for seawater desalination.

SeaPRO-E Series Features and Benefits

  • Economically designed skid mounted systems designed to deliver reliable desalination with a reduced feature set
  • Flow rates from 500 to 2,500 m3/day (92-460 gpm) with 45% recovery on up to 45,000 ppm TDS feed water
  • All systems come with turbocharger energy recovery devices and a variable frequency drive (VFD) on the high-pressure pump
  • There is an option to add PLC control to each of these systems


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Manufacturer Veolia Water Technologies
Series SeaPRO E-Series 1000 m3/Day
Model Number SeaPRO-E-72
Part Number SeaPRO-E-72
Standard Features -Major components skid-mounted for easy installation and dependable operation
-Variable frequency drive (VFD) for high pressure pump optimal control, energy efficiency and constant water production
-Simple manual control for the system, and Hand/Auto control for remote starting and stopping of the system
Maximum Recovery 45%
Nominal Rejection 99%
Operating Temperature 59-90 °F
Design Temperature 77°F
Frame Material Anti-Corrosion Treated Carbon Steel
Membrane Elements AD-440
Membrane Housing Material FRP
Control Enclosure IP54 carbon steel
Low Pressure Pipe Schedule 80 PVC
High Pressure Pipe Stainless Steel
Motor Starters NEMA 4
Pump Type Fedco
Materials SS shell/housing, Noryl* internals
Castings SS inlet/discharge
Motor 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 380/420 VAC
Permeate Rate (GPM) 184
Concentrate Rate (GPM) 225
Pump MSS-9025
Motor (HP) 150 kW
Element Quantity 72
Element Array 3 x 4 Parallel
Element Model 35FTPV-5
Element Pre-filter Quantity 35
Height (in.) 96
Width (in.) 288
Depth (in.) 66

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Dimensions -42-91 × 153 × 76 in

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