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Leopard UV High Output Series Water Treatment System

High Output Water Treatment System for Disinfection

The Leopard UV Series provides proven and guaranteed performance in ultraviolet water treatment for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. These systems are specifically intended for applications requiring low flows to high flows for disinfection, ozone destruction and TOC reduction. These versatile systems deliver the required dosage to effectively and safely inactivate microorganisms present in the water supply.
The Leopard UV Series is designed system manufactured with high quality materials and modern sophisticated electronic technology.

Key Features:

 Disinfection, Ozone Destruction or TOC Reduction
 Processes up to 1600 GPM for Clear Fresh Water and DI/RO Water
 316L Stainless Steel Treatment Chamber— Electropolished and Passivated Interior/Exterior
 150 PSI Maximum Operating Pressure
 Remote Power Enclosure with viewing window— Polycarbonate or 304 Stainless Steel
 LED UV Lamp Status Indicators
 Monitoring Port, Sample Port, Drain Port
 Elapsed Run Time Meter
 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” or 8” Flange Inlet/Outlet Connections (Model Dependent)
 Low Pressure, High Output or Amalgam UV Lamp with 10,000 hour lamp life—254NM or 185NM
 UV dosage of 30 mJ/cm² or higher at rated flow
 Horizontal or Vertical Mounting (Model Dependent)
 Custom systems and features are available to meet specific specifications and industry requirements.


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Manufacturer Leopard UV
Series High Output Water Treatment System for Disinfection
Model Number LP1SHO-6
Part Number LP1SHO-6
UV Dosage 30 mJ/cm²
Flow Rate Up to 600/720 GPM
Inlet/Outlet Connection Size 2"
Inlet/Outlet Connection Type Flange, Sanitary
Shipping Weight 72 lbs
Key Features Number of Lamps - 1
UV Lamp Watts Total - 80
Max Capacity GPM Clear Fresh - RO or DI Water - 35/40
Chamber Diameter - 6"
Available Options  WatchDog Monitoring System with UV Intensity, 4-20 mA Linear Output and High Heat Shutoff
 Standard UV Monitor 0-100% UV Intensity Display 4-20 mA Linear Output
 Standard High Heat Shutoff
 Sanitary Inlet/Outlet Connections
 Manual Quartz Sleeve Wiper System (Model Dependent)
 Lamp Out Alert
 Hands Off Auto (HOA) Switch
 220V / 240V

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