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Cobra UV Series Water Treatment System for Disinfection

Cobra UV just introduced a new line in ultraviolet water treatment solutions. The Cobra UV Series is an in-house engineered and designed system that is specifically intended for ultra pure water applications requiring lower flows.  These systems are available in a standard model using an electronic ballast and a deluxe model using a remote power enclosure. The Cobra UV systems can be used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications for disinfection, TOC reduction or Ozone destruction.

Key Features:

 Disinfection, Ozone Destruction or TOC Reduction
 Processes up to 35 GPM for clear fresh water and 40 GPM for DI and RO water
 Electropolished & Passivated Interior/ Exterior 316 L SS Treatment Chamber
 100 PSI Maximum Operating Pressure
 Remote Polycarbonate Power Enclosure or Remote Electronic Ballast
 3/4” NPT or Sanitary Inlet/Outlet connections (Model Dependent)
 1” NPT, Flange or Sanitary Inlet/Outlet connections (Model Dependent)
 1.5” Flange or Sanitary Inlet/Outlet connections (Model Dependent)
 Standard or High Output UV Lamp with 10,000 hour lamp life
 UV dosage of 30 mJ/ cm²
 Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
 Quick disconnects and straightforward wiring provide simplicity when servicing


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Manufacturer Cobra UV
Series Cobra UV Series Water Treatment System for Disinfection
Model Number CB1-HO
Part Number CB1-HO
UV Dosage 30 mJ/cm²
Flow Rate 35/40 GPM
Inlet/Outlet Connection Size 1"
Inlet/Outlet Connection Type NPT, Flange, Sanitary
Key Features Type of Lamps - High Output
Number of Lamps - 1

Max Capacity GPM Clear Fresh - RO or DI Water - 20/25
Available Options Available Options Deluxe Models:
 UV Monitor 0-100% UV Intensity Display
 UV Monitor with 4-20 mA Linear Output
 High Heat Shutoff
 220 V / 240 V

Available Options Electronic Ballast Models:
 220 V / 240 V
 2 or 3” Flange or Sanitary Inlet/Outlet Connections
 220 V / 240 V

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