Osmonics – Reverse Osmosis System – E4H Series 50 Hz – Model E4H-43K


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Osmonics E-series RO machines are designed for durable operation, high quality product water production, easy installation and straight-forward control.


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Manufacturer Osmonics/Suez
Series E4H Series 50 Hz
Model Number E4H-43K
Part Number 1163830
DLX Model # 1200094
Applications • Process Ingredient Water
• Safe drinking water
• Boiler feed water
• Ion exchange pre-treatment
Standard Features • 5-micron pre-filter and housing, 20"
• Automatic inlet shut-off valve
• Motor thermal protection
• Pre/Post-filter and primary/final pressure gauges
• Permeate and concentrate flow rotameters
• Permeate conductivity meter
• ALARMS: Low inlet pressure, high amp draw
• Feed water flush on shut down
Deluxe Features • Burkert RO microprocessor controller
• SD card for collection of operating data
• Permeate and concentrate paddlewheel flow sensors
Inlet pH sensor
• Permeate tank level monitoring
• Chemical dosing pump for antiscalant dosing or pH adjustment
• Clean in Place (CIP) system, 5 HP (3.7 KW)
• ALARMS: Low inlet pressure, high concentrate and permeate pressure, high temperature, high permeate conductivity, high/low pH, motor fault, and fill-time exceeded
Operating Pressure 14-15 bar
Maximum Recovery 75%
Nominal Rejection 95-98%
Operating Temperature 55-85 °F
Design Temperature 77°F
Frame Material Painted Carbon Steel
Membrane Elements AG4040TM
Membrane Housing Material FRP
Low Pressure Pipe Schedule 80 PVC
High Pressure Pipe Stainless Steel
Motor Starters NEMA 4
Pump Type Tonkaflo; Multi-stage, centrifugal
Materials SS shell/housing, Noryl* internals
Castings SS inlet/discharge
Motor 3-phase, TEFC, 380 VAC
Recovery Range 66-75%
Permeate Rate (GPM) 30.0
Concentrate Rate (GPM) 10
Pump SS5518KB
Motor (HP) 15
CIP Pump Model (DLX only) SS5503G
CIP Motor (HP) 3
Element Quantity 24
Element Array 5-3
Element Model AG4040TM
Element Pre-filter Quantity 2
Inlet, Permeate, Concentrate Connections (in.) 1.5, 1.0, 1.0
Height (in.) 62
Width (in.) 132
Depth (in.) 36
ECN Shipping Weight (lbs) 1800
DLX Shipping Weight (lbs) 2000

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Dimensions 36 × 132 × 62 in

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