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Complete Water Solutions introduces the new RO Membrane Pusher Tool. This tool was developed to help remove 8” membranes safely from RO housings. Over the years we realized some membranes are difficult to remove from the RO System. Removing fouled membranes or full fit membranes can be difficult and present safety risks. The RO Membrane Tools comes with 2 options for materials of construction, stainless steel and aluminum. The tool comes with both stainless-steel housing adapter and fiberglass housing adapter.

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Manufacturer Complete Water Solutions
Model Number MEM600S
Part Number MEM600S
Description Complete Water Solutions Membrane Pusher Tool - Stainless Steel Construction Unit comes with the following: Ram Assembly, (6) Spool Pieces, Stainless Steel
Cart, Stainless Steel Housing Adapter, Fiberglass Housing Adapter

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