Ionpure – CEDI – VNX55-HH Series – IP-VNX55-HH-2

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The VNX55-HH module is designed with proven Ionpure continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) technology to produce high purity water. The internal design has been optimized to handle a high feed water hardness while still able to provide ultrapure water quality water at high flow rate required for many applications, specifically within the power industry Each VNX55-HH industrial module has a nominal flow rate of 44 gpm (10m3 /hr).
Combining multiple VNX55-HH Modules provides for simplified systems design for high flow rate systems up to and greater than 1,000 gpm.

• Typically > 16 MΩ-cm product water resistivity
• 2 ppm (as CaCO3) max feed water hardness
• In most cases can operate on single-pass RO permeate
• Resin, membrane and module construction optimized for feed water hardness tolerance
• No need for acid/caustic, neutralization systems or tank exchanges
• Significantly lower operating cost compared to conventional ion exchange systems
• Robust leak-free sealing with through-port gasket
• Continuous production of consistent quality
• Junction box for convenient and safe power connections


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Manufacturer Ionpure
Series VNX55-HH
Model Number IP-VNX55-HH-2
Part Number W3T324118
Description Ordering Part Number - W3T324118
Model Number - IP-VNX55-HH-2
Recovery - 80% - 90%
Product Flow min. gpm - 20 gpm - 23 gpm
Product Flow nominal gpm - 44 gpm - 50 gpm
Product Flow max. gpm - 56 gpm - 62 gpm
Shipping Weight 610 lbs

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