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Membrane Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

SanRO and SanRO HS elements feature a net-type outer wrapping that allow easy access for cleaning in place with specially selected components for durability in daily sanitization. These energy saving highly permeable, high rejection membranes provide high flux and low-energy costs. All elements are heat-set at the factory for predictable flows at the outset of installation.


  • Reduction of bacterial endotoxins and microbes
  • Ophthalmic and inhalation product production
  • Reduction of TDS, TOC and colloids from high purity water
  • Removal of algae, fungi, mold, yeast and bacteria as measured in “colony forming units “(CFU)
  • Removal of bacteria from cell walls of polysaccharide compounds
  • Reduction of microbial growth by minimizing nutrients
  • Electronics-grade ultrapure water
  • Water for cosmetic production
  • Nutraceutical production
  • Food and beverage production
  • Container rinsing
  • Production of ultrapure or PW (Purified Water)
  • Wine de-alcoholization
  • Replacement of distillation systems, providing lower energy usage and costs

Product Offerings:

SanRO: Membranes for high-performance USP water purification systems used at operating temperatures up to 45°C.

SanRO-HS: A heat sanitizable version sanitizable at 85°C.

SanRO-HS2: A higher fluxing version of HS with slightly less rejection.

All SanROs are available in diameters of 4.0 and 8.0 inches.


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