Hydranautics Nitto – RO Membranes – Process Separation – DairyNF – DairyNF 8038-30

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Excellent concentration and de-mineralization

DairyNF Series

Hydranautics’ membrane technology experience and innovation are at the core of every DairyNF series membrane. Specifically designed for the separation of divalent anions and/or organic molecules greater than 200 Daltons from monovalent salts and lower molecular weight organics, DairyNF membranes deliver exceptional performance and value.

Superior membrane technology is the key to Hydranautics’ innovative DairyNF (Process Nanofiltration) elements. All DairyNF membranes are manufactured using highly controlled, ISO 9001-compliant processes, ensuring the highest quality and most consistent, reliable performance available. Hydranautics has set a new industry-standard for the rolling of full-fit membrane modules: Hand-rolling of elements has been eliminated by the use of proprietary, robot-based automatic rolling machines, specifically designed by Hydranautics for fabricating membrane modules of the highest quality. The result is a higher level of filtration and separations performance for our customers.

DairyNF applications

  • Whey and milk concentration
  • De-salting (de-mineralization) of whey and other streams
  • DP1/DP2 sugar fractionation
  • Recovery of hydrolyzed proteins and enzymes


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Manufacturer Hydranautics Nitto
Series Process Separation
Model Number DairyNF
Part Number DairyNF 8038-30
Description Diameter - 7.90"
Length - 38"
Feed Spacer - 0.030"

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