Hydranautics Nitto – RO Membranes – Process Separation – Dairy RO – DairyRO-3838-65

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Superior concentration of high value products with blister free operation

Hydranautics’ 40+ years of manufacturing best high rejecting brackish water RO membranes is incorporated into making DairyRO and HYDRApolish elements.
DairyRO and HYDRApolish composite polyamide reverse osmosis elements are of net wrapped, full fit design, intended for daily CIP in the dairy environment. Hydranautics has set new industry standard by manufacturing robot-based automatic rolling machines, specially designed for fabricating membrane modules of the highest quality. The result is a high level of filtration and separations performance for our customers. Hydranautics’ auto-rolled DairyRO and HYDRApolish elements provide superior glue-line adhesion and strength, tighter rolling and caging, greater flow rates due to maximized effective membrane area and great structural reliability.

DairyRO applications

  • Pre-concentration of milk or whey for reducing product transport costs
  • Lactose Production
  • Sweet/acid concentration
  • Concentration of UF permeate
  • Milk and juice concentration


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