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Combining energy efficiency with high rejection

The energy required to pressurize RO feed water is the largest contributor to the total energy consumption of the RO plant. ESPA membranes are the choice for applications demanding high-energy efficiency, with uncompromised productivity and salt rejection. Operating at significantly lower pressures, ESPA elements produce high quality water in a range of water treatment applications, ensuring energy cost savings.

ESPA membranes are used in the treatment of drinking water, industrial process waters, municipal and industrial waste water recovery and reuse because of this exception performance capability. These membranes also serve as part of polishing units in seawater desalination plants when boron rejection is critical.

ESPA1 membrane has the same chemistry as the ESPA2 membrane but has a higher permeability. ESPA1 membrane requires even lower feed pressures than ESPA2 and the energy consumption is also lower.

ESPA1 is popularly used in the treatment of low TDS waters to produce potable water.

ESPA1 membrane is available in diameters of 4.0 and 8.0 inches. The 4.0 inch diameter membrane is available in Low Differential LD  technology.





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