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Ultrapure water is essential in several industrial applications. CPA RO membranes are regarded as the industry standard for all critical high purity applications – from pharmaceutical to power industry.

CPA lines of spiral-wound RO membranes are available in a variety of sizes and deliver unmatched performance with the highest salt rejection rates for brackish water applications. High throughput, efficiency and cost-effectiveness make CPA membranes the best high-rejection brackish water RO membranes in the industry.

Because of its exceptionally high salt rejection, CPA membranes are used in power generation, pharmaceutical, electronics and semiconductor industry.

CPA6-LD is the fifth generation CPA brackish water RO membrane and has the best rejection of all of its predecessors at 99.8%. This 400 sq. ft. membrane operates at a higher feed pressure than CPA5-LD but it has the highest rejection in the CPA family.

CPA6-LD membranes are designed with Low Differential Pressure LD Technology designed to minimize colloidal fouling. They have 37.0 m2 (400 ft2) membrane area. Using CPA6-LD results in cost saving while still getting a high rejection from membranes.

CPA6-LD and CPA6-MAX membranes are available in diameters of 8.0 inches only.

CPA6-MAX has the same high rejection membrane of CPA6-LD, but features a 10% increase in membrane area at 440 sq.ft. CPA6 MAX is a preferred choice for feed waters of low turbidity and silt density index such as brackish well waters.





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Manufacturer Hydranautics Nitto
Series Composite Polyamide
Model Number CPA6
Part Number CPA6-LD
Description Diameter - 8"
Length - 40"
Permeate Flow - 8,000 gpd
Salt Rejection - 99.75%
Test Conditions -
1500 ppm NaCl solution
225 psig Applied Pressure
77 F Operating Temperature
15% Permeate Recovery
6.5 - 7.0 pH Range

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