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Industries today, face tough challenges when it comes to the water used in the facility – namely, water scarcity and the ever-increasing regulatory requirements associated with discharging effluent. At the same time, there is a move toward sustainability and “greener” approaches to the treatment of highly contaminated waters by effluent from water-intensive processes.

The PRO series from Hydranautics comprises elements that offer effective, integrated, site-specific ZLD / MLD solutions that are cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable. The PRO series elements are specifically designed to help companies to achieve their MLD and ZLD commitment, while using the right combination of technologies to treat a range of industrial wastewater streams.


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Manufacturer Hydranautics Nitto
Series PRO-Series High Temp
Model Number PRO-XT
Part Number PRO-XT
Description High Temperature Reverse Osmosis Membranes
PRO-XT are high-temperature RO membranes which are considered a breakthrough in membrane operating parameters. Treatment of water and wastewater at high temperatures is now a possibility with PRO-XT membranes.

PRO-XT membranes are useful in industries where stable operation at high temperatures is imperative like laundry wastewater reclamation, mining wastewater, produced water in oil & gas industry, etc.

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