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The H-Series proprietary thin-film nanofiltration membrane elements are characterized by an approximate molecular weight cut-off of 150-300 daltons for uncharged organic molecules. Divalent and multivalent ion rejection is dependent upon feed concentration and composition.
HL Nanofiltration Elements are used for water softening, color removal, and reduction of THM formation potential.

Typical Operating Pressure: 70-300 psi (483-2,069 kPa)
Typical Operating Flux: 10-20 GFD (15-35 LMH)
Maximum Operating Pressure: Tape elements: 450 psi (3,103 kPa)
Other outer wrap: 600 psi (4,140 kPa)
Maximum Temperature Continuous operation: 122°F (50°C)
Clean In Place (CIP): 104°F (40°C)
pH Range Optimum rejection: 6.0-7.0,
Continuous operation: 3.0-9.0,
Clean In Place (CIP): 2.0-11.0 (1)
Maximum Pressure Drop Over an element: 12 psi (83 kPa)
Per housing: 50 psi (345 kPa)
Chlorine Tolerance 1,000+ ppm x hours,
dechlorination recommended
Feedwater NTU < 1 SDI 15 < 5



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Manufacturer Suez
Series HL Series
Model Number HL4040FM
Part Number 1207236
Description Average Permeate Flow GPD (m3): 2,500 (9.5)
Average MgSO Rejection: 98%
Minimum MgSO Rejection: 95%
Active Area Ft2 (m2): 90 (8.4)
Outer Wrap: Fiberglass
Type: Male

Shipping Weight 8 Lbs (3.5 KG)
Overall Length 40.0 IN (101.6 CM)
Overall Height 3.9 IN (9.9 CM)
Notes CENTRAL TUBE: 0.75 IN (1.90 CM)

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