Global Filter – High Flow Cartridges – HF/HF3 – Series High Flow Pleated

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HF-Series High Flow Polypropylene and Micro-glass Filter Cartridges address your need for absolute rated filter cartridges in high flowrate applications. HF-Series cartridges are designed for use as a direct replacement to the Pall Ultipleat High Flow and 3M 740 series elements. Filtration efficiencies exceed 99%.



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Manufacturer Global Filter
Series High Flow Cartridges
Model Number HF/HF3 - Series High Flow Pleated
Part Number HF-PP-1.0-A-40-B Sample
Description Ordering Information
HF or HF3
Material= PP = Polypropylene, FG = Microglass
Rating (µ) = 0.45,1.0, 5.0, 10.0, 20.0, 50.0, 100.0
Retention = A = Absolute
Length= 20",39"(HF3), 40", 60"
O-Rings = B = Buna, E = EPDM, S = Silicone, V = Viton

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