Suez – RO Membranes – Duratherm EXL NF8040HR

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The Duratherm EXL Series includes RO and NF membrane elements. These Series is specifically designed to maximize the benefits of hot water sanitization for industries relying on chemical-free sanitization for product quality and/or industry compliance standards.
The separation system sanitization protocol is performed via periodic exposure to temperature as high as 90°C (194°F) at minimum feed pressure to kill microorganisms by denaturation and coagulation of the proteins chains.
The Duratherm EXL elements are also suitable for separation systems at temperature up to 70°C (158°F).
All element constructions include polysulfone ATD & central tube and a patented Durasan* cage outer wrap.
Features and Benefits
• Prevent bio-fouling development
• No disposal costs
• 100% wet testing Quality Assurance
• Durable construction
• Sanitization on the permeate side


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Manufacturer Suez
Series Duratherm EXL Series
Model Number Duratherm EXL NF8040HR
Part Number 1206982
Description Maximum Crossflow GPM (m3/hr): 100 (22.7)
Spacer mil (mm): 50 (1.27)
Active Area Ft2 (m2): 275 (25.5)

Shipping Weight 29 Lbs (13.2 KG)
Overall Length 40.0 IN (101.6 CM)
Overall Height 7.9 IN (20.1 CM)
Notes CENTRAL TUBE: 1.125 IN (2.86 CM)

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