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MB-5USTD (Low TOC) resin is designed to produce ultra-pure water required for many applications such as for micro-eletronic and pharmaceutical productions. The component resins are specially selected to ensure ultra-pure water production, low conductivity, and low effluent TOC values (<10 ppb after initial rinse).
The product is a special blend of Type II strong base gel type anion exchange resins (A302U, OH) with 8% crosslinked strong acid porous gel type cation exchange resins (C108U,H). The Type II anion resin, regenerated in the high-purity form, is free of the “fish” smell that might be detected from a mixed-bed product with Type I anion resin. This advantage makes the MB-5 series of mixed-bed products (with Type II) more suitable for food-grade applications.


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Manufacturer General Technologies, SPC
Series DI & High Purity Resin - X-Gaussian -Type I strong base gel type anion exchange resins w/ color indicating, 8% cross-linked strong acid porous gel type cation exchange resins
Model Number MB-5USTD (Low TOC)
Part Number MB-5USTD (Low TOC)
Description Typical Cation/Anion Mix Ratio: 40% / 60% by Volume (other ratios available upon request)
Polymer Structure: Polystyrene cross-linked with Divinylbenzene
Physical Form and Appearance: Cation: Amber spherical beads
Anion: Tough Amber spherical beads
Whole Bead Count: 90% Min.
Functional Groups: Cation: Polystyrene sulfonate
Anion: R-N+(CH3)2C2H4OH (Type II)
Ionic Form (as shipped): (Cation/Anion) H+/OH-
Shipping Weight, approx: 722 g/l (45 lb./ft.3)
Mesh Size: Cation: 16-50
Anion: 16-50
Moisture retention, H+/OH- form: Cation: 50-55%
Anion: 51-58%
Total Capacity in regenerated form: Cation: 1.8 meq/mL minimum
Anion: 1.1 meq/mL minimum
pH Range, Stability: 0–14
Effluent Quality Guarantee: >16 meg Ohms and <10 ppb TOC after initial rinse of 50 BV’s of TOC-free DI water

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