CWSS Commercial Series Water Softeners | Model# CWSS-60-1-1/2

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The CWSS water softener system offers the commercial or institutional facility a robust and efficient solution for reducing mineral scale, soap usage, and energy consumption in their plumbing and other water-using equipment.
The corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced poly-ethylene tank design and reliable top mounted valve will provide many years of service.
Standard Features
• Corrosion resistant fiberglass tanks
• Piston actuated, multiport, brass control valves
• Timeclock or meter initiated regeneration cycle
• Brine tank assembly with safety overflow
• Sodium form cation exchange resin
• Hardwater bypass during regeneration
• Water hardness testing kit


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Manufacturer CWS
Series 3/4"-1-1/2" Series Water Softener
Model Number CWSS-60-1-1/2
Part Number CWSS-60-1-1/2
Shipping Weight 178 Pounds
Continuous Service Flow Rates 33 GPM
Peak Service Flow Rates 49 GPM
Back Wash Flow Rates 3.5 GPM
Service Pipe Size 1-1/2"
Maximum Salt Usage 60,000 Grains
Overall Length 36"
Minimum Exchange Capacity 40,000 Grains
Overall Width 18"
Overall Height 60"
Resin Volume 2 Cubic Feet / Tank
Softener Tank Length 13" x 54"
Brine Tank Length 18" x 40"
Salt Storage 320 Pounds

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