CWSI Industrial Series Twin Water Softeners | Model# CWSI-60-2

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The ‘CWSI’ 2” and 3” water softener systems are engineered to handle higher flow rates. Whether its mineral scale in boiler feed or supply water for a car wash, the CWSI offers a robust and efficient solution for reducing mineral scale, soap usage, and energy consumption in the plumbing and other water using equipment.
The multiple tank design offers a modular platform with several configuration options that brings a customized water treatment plan that fits most demands. The corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced polyethylene tank design and reliable top mounted valve will provide many years of service.
Standard Features
• Corrosion resistant fiberglass tanks
• Piston actuated, multiport, brass control valves
• Timeclock or meter initiated regeneration cycle
• Brine tank assembly with safety overflow
• Sodium form cation exchange resin
• Water hardness testing kit


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Manufacturer CWS
Series 2" Industrial Twin Water Softener
Model Number CWSI-60-2
Part Number CWSI-60-2
Shipping Weight 381 Pounds
Continuous Service Flow Rates 66 GPM
Peak Service Flow Rates 98 GPM
Back Wash Flow Rates 3.5 GPM
Service Pipe Size 2"
Maximum Salt Usage 60,000 Grains
Overall Length 62"
Minimum Exchange Capacity 40,000 Grains
Overall Width 18"
Overall Height 67"
Resin Volume 2 Cubic Feet / Tank
Softener Tank Length 13" x 54"
Brine Tank Length 18" x 40"
Salt Storage 320 Pounds

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